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Patch Notes - 0.25.12

staff -
  • Editing blog descriptions now uses the textarea editor instead of a single line input.

  • Blog descriptions now support the same range of options that posts do.

sidh -


Links in description Activated

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Sailor Moon Celestial

are my eyes decieving me or am i getting sligtly better at drawing

This is a Sailor Moon Celestial, her new form for SMSpace, redesigned once again.

@awakeingdreamer what do you think

babushka -

I FORGOT TO ERASE 4 LINES but im not editing it i am tired

babushka -

@kirby id LOVE to actually draw the wings as transparent but i kinda struggle with it now. maybe this simple technique will help me...

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miles hiller 2020

trans bag comission for my friend!

Hollow Knight doodle

This was supposed to be a detail-less and colorless doodle but in the end, I decided to fill it up a little with color and of course, it doesn't look that good (the top and the bottom look so different with the few lighting I put XD)

Resin dice commissions

princeofdoom -

I can make custom d6s and d20s now and I’m going to sell them for $20 US each. If you buy more than one, I’ll give a discount on each additional so if that’s something that interests you, talk to me about it. Unfortunately I can’t do full dice sets at this time but I am going to work on getting dice molds for d4s, d8s, d10s and d12s as soon as I’m able

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me @ myself

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more in depth on requests

terranova -

someone asked, so:

music requests encompass making up instrumentals or lyrical songs for you, improv or otherwise, based on the prompt of your request i.e. "id like an improv to go with this art", "can you put lyrics to this", "id like a song about the weather", or putting music to someones poetry or lyrics. i can also do covers, which i normally put my own spin on. the instruments at my disposal are piano, organ, electric keyboard, harpsichord, vibraphone, and my voice! ive gotten some variety like "id like a jazzed up version of this homestuck song" with *improv* lyrics" so yeah!

poetry requests are alot simpler of course, "id like a poem to go with this art" or "write me a poem about this" and they can rhyme or be freestyle, even acrostic if desired.

i know its alot more nuance then drawing requests. but we're here to be creative right? writing and music are my talents so i present them to the community :)

thanks for existing!

fungus -

anyone wanna hear about my idea for this story i gotta write for my sci fi cinema class? like not tonight but. tomorrow

fungus -

ok so

it's about this guy whose best friend died and so he tries to bring her back to life as an ai/robot and he pretty much succeeds?

i havent decided yet if she knows she's ai or how she understands the situation (does she know she's dead? or does she think she was in a horrible accident and was in a coma until all these prosthetics got finished?) but she's entirely ai there's no like. brain matter in there.

and so they're living together for a while with them like hanging out but the guy comes to realize that she's not.. exactly right. she doesn't quite resemble his best friend. her decisions are just a bit too routine and her actions just a bit too template. maybe she has an idle animation jkfdjs

and so he realizes, wow, i never should have done this! this is not how she was meant to be, or how she deserves to be remembered. and so he decides to power her off and delete the code.

except oopsie! whoopsie! you created life! hey asshole you can't just fucking murder me!

they get in a fight about it, she quotes frankenstein at him, she like storms off and he's like "oh. fuck"

and he apologizes to her but she's like "cool. not ready to forgive you for everything yet. i'm moving out" and he's like "ok that's fair"

and so then she moves out and learns how to be a person independent of the person she was programmed to be and like gets a job. and after a while maybe they reconnect? and at this point she's made so many consious decisions about what she's going to learn to do and be interested in that she doesn't resemble his best friend very much at all. also they're both trans

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U̴N̸͘KŃ͘͠Ó̧W̴N ̀̀͜ÚS̢͜É͝R͜͝͠ ͘͝͞LOG̛͟G҉̶͠E̶̸D ҉̧̡O͢N͏

ko-fi - patreon

Oh man I always kinda tell myself that I'm gonna stop posting school stuff on the internet but I dunno how much I'll have without it

I knocked this out in like an hour to accompany a short story and that's probably gonna be happening a lot this semester

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awakeingdreamer -

Not gonna lie, it kinda freaks me out when authors are out there with all these outlines, everything planned, characters fully developed.

Honey, I'm sitting over here yelling at my characters while writing out their stories like "DON'T OPEN THAT DOOR, THE SOURCE OF ALL EVIL IS BEHIND THAT DOOR" and they're just like "Bitch please, I got this."

They don't always got this.



Hell, I don't even know how we got here. What am I doing again? Author my ass, I'm just recording their memoirs and headdesking through at least half of it.

cjadewyton -

I still wanna upload that art but honestly I'm not even upset about the upload bug because the fact its not fixed yet mean Thell probably went to sleep (or is at least taking a break) and that's a WIN

thelldev -

Downside is now I'm pulling an all nighter to make up for it

awakeingdreamer -

and the whole waterfall community facepalms

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thelldev -

Me, figuring out where the bug was and doubting my career choice, logical thinking skills, and general competence for the 26th time this month:

thelldev -

For those wondering, the post editor on the art page had a semi-colon where there should have been a curly boi so the upload action was only triggering if you drafted the art post

8bitpixelheart -

There’s a bar at the end of the street. That nobody goes to, and nobody comes out of it. It’s a small little bar, with darkened windows that nobody can see out of. The outside is old, forgotten, paint chipping and flaking, a gray molting into white molting into red that nobody likes. There’s nobody in the pockmarked parking lot, cluttered with pot holes and cigarette buds that nobody left lying around. There’s nobody for miles on the aging street and the bar catches nobody’s eye.

Nobody finds the inside comforting. The lights a cloudy ancient glass flickering onto nobody’s torn up seat patched together with duct tape and a dream. The countertop is scratched to hell and back with nobody’s name gashed over and over into the weakening wood. A pattern that repeats itself from edge to edge in a smile that nobody would remember.

Nobody’s name is known here. Nobody gives a damn if you show. Nobody is greeted at the door by a sea of gray faces steeped in shadow and tears and tears in their hearts on their sleeves where fingernails scraped too deep. Nobody finds the warmth of companionship from kindred souls here. A crowd of mirrors with cracks in the glass with the sort of perfect imperfection that nobody knows all too well.

Nobody is free from judgement. Pointed fingers turn away and dissolve into cigar smoke that stains the ceiling until the tiles start to droop. The liquor runs clear of lies and pretense and nobody can find the truth there. Pouring onto the cold, cold ice that chills away the ebbing ache that nobody feels.

Nobody can go there whenever they like. It’s a place that nobody can find if they look for it. It’s there, waiting, a secret beacon of respite from the dull and pounding pulse. It’s a sanctuary for nobody who needs it. Nobody whispers that this place is safe into the uncaring apathetic night. Nobody stays too long and huddles too deep in the crack where the foam spills out of the leather booth seat. Nobody calls this place the home that nobody knew they needed.

It’s a new start, a blank slate, marked in whiskey concentrate. It’s the Nobody Bar.

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naiad -

Hogwarts dorm ft. my cat
[voxel art ♥]

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I still wanna upload that art but honestly I'm not even upset about the upload bug because the fact its not fixed yet mean Thell probably went to sleep (or is at least taking a break) and that's a WIN

princeofdoom -

My hubby has a tooth infection and we had to go to the emergency room at 1 am last night. We don’t have to pay that all up front but the amount we did already pay is screwing up our ability to pay other stuff. Like car insurance, which hubby needs to work and keep his license.

Obviously don’t donate if you can’t afford it, but my paypal’s at if anyone is able to help out even with $5

I also still have resin jewelry I make and sell, including rings and pendants. I do customs but I also have some premades that I can sell at a discount. Just talk to me about what you're thinking about and I can get pics for you.

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kidd -

bastard energy x

babushka -

scars represent my headache and inability to sleep

gloatbee -

Just a reminder, if you get any kind of email like this, it's a scam! The last part seems to always stay the same.

How this particular spawn of awful people works Karla Ortiz described perfectly on her Twitter (the last part of the email she got is exactly the same!)

My response to this particular email under the cut because I have abudant amounts of salt for blatant scammers

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keep forgetting about the eggs in my pocket

fungus -

this is going to become a problem once i go home and they start being raw eggs again...

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Pillowfort felt like it was a place that everyone was moving their Proper Art Blogs to but Waterfall feels like, oh, I can post art here but also just be feral if I want to